Publish or Perish...

Professors are an odd bunch. While I did my stint as a prof for the U of Denver some years ago, that was a different deal that I'll tell you about sometime. Anyway, professors and universities are pretty strange. The University of Colorado-Boulder is weird in so many ways. For instance, while that's how the name is officially stated, they are known as CU, not UC or U of C. It is also one of the most political places on the planet. It's even worse than IBM in its heyday.

What's up with that?

I thought it was supposed to be about the learning.

But, as you know, in many universities, it isn't. It's about the fund-raising. And part of the fund-raising is "fame." So, practically speaking, it's "publish or perish" for the faculty.

It works like that with your vision. If it's not written, it doesn't exist. If it's not written in a way that really resonates for you and activates your goal-seeking mechanisms, it won't be effective. As I work with people to help them activate their own ideas, it becomes vividly clear: YOU need to do this!

Write it down. Make it alive. Focus on it regularly. Join a mastermind to get others working with you in a spirit of perfect unity. But most of all, get a vision!

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

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