Shopping for Food

My lovely wife Terry hates to shop in grocery stores. We're not sure why that is. Perhaps because she worked as a checker at the Grand Union in Indian Lake, NY during summers in high school and college. Perhaps because they are cold. Perhaps because she's convinced her loving husband that he should do the grocery shopping. And I do.

But, for whatever reason, she doesn't like doing it.

So, there I was today at Costco, picking up a few things for the family. And a few things to take to a party tomorrow during the Super Bowl.

While there, I overhead someone say that today is the second-highest sales day for food of the entire year in the US. The day before the Super Bowl.

Americans rally around food and football, I guess.

What will you be doing tomorrow?

Many of us will watch a football game that could represent history in the making, should the New England Patriots complete their season winning every game. Many will watch for the creative (and expensive!) commercials to see if any of them are entertaining and truly great. Some will find other things to do, like ski on nearly empty slopes, shop in empty malls, or other things that are normally crowded.

What about YOU?

Before my shopping, I spent some time with one of my Mastermind groups. We looked at each of our businesses, discussed changes we need to make, and got some great ideas. It's amazing to me how getting together with others of like mind makes a real difference.

What about YOU?

Where you will be next week, next month, and next year is completely up to you. Will you be in the same place? Or will you be where you've always wanted to be, doing what you've always wanted to do?

It's up to you.

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist