The unexpected is always exciting, and when it comes packaged in an event, it can be thrilling... The Super Bowl just ended. The New York Football Giants upset the 18-0 Patriots to ruin their "perfect season." Virtually no one gave the Giants a chance, but the Giants believed in themselves and created history.

All of that and they were just men... playing a game...

As I wrote in the book (, many stories in life give you an opportunity to reflect on life principles. From skiing to football to kids and marriage, life truths show up all around you and give you a chance to see more clearly than you have before.

The Giants didn't let anything stop them. Not what other people said. Not what other people did. Not even mistakes and challenges that faced them throughout the game.

They fought through and won.

What about YOU?

What stops you? Do you let anything keep you from what you want to do?

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

PS While they're still available, grab a copy of the book.