The Two Together

The holiday season is a special time at the Hultquist home. Our traditions run deep, and we cherish them all. Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, family, and friends. We gathered with three other families for turkey, dressing, salads, desserts, discussions... and football. We talked about the year that is passing by, the places we've been, the people we've met, and the things that we have been able to do. It was a time of looking back with thanks.

Then begins the Christmas season in earnest for the Hultquist clan.

Yesterday, we were off first thing in the morning to select a tree. Due to the recent snows, the trees were dusted with white, and the ritual of lifting, banging, and turning the tree took on a funny, snow-covered twist.

The kids and Terry chose a tree as I exhibited each in turn, and we brought it home.

Terry and Megan decorated the house with freshly-cut greens. Gabe and I spent some time watching more football and helping where we could. Leftovers were the order of the day for meals.

Today, we'll decorate the tree and continue working towards the annual Hultquist Christmas party.

As I dwelled on all this, I thought about gratitude and expectancy. Thanksgiving is about gratitude; focusing on all we have rather than what we lack. We are so blessed! Even to draw our next breath is a miracle we do not deserve.

Christmas is about expectation. Expectations of the day and expectations of spiritual renewal.

Together, the two holidays underscore these two attitudes in an amazing way.

If you focus on these attitudes, you will have a wonderful holiday season. You won't get caught up in the frenzy that surrounds shopping and buying. If you need some insights into how to focus, grab a copy of Open Your Heart with Skiing ( If you know someone who could use a boost, grab a copy for them. Even if they don't ski.

There is no time like today to take your next step into the future. In fact, you can't avoid it. Move forward with gratitude and expectancy... and enjoy the discovery of your amazing future.

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

PS The new product is coming along, and I expect that I'll have it for you next week. Keep your eyes open for it!

PPS Don't forget to grab autographed copies of Open Your Heart With Skiing for family and friends. An autographed book is a special gift at any time of year!