They Believe

As you know, I live in Colorado. An unlikely situation has developed in Colorado this October: The Broncos are irrelevant. The Rockies are commanding everyone's attention. Even those who don't pay much attention to sports are getting caught up in the wonderful experience of the underdog emerging as a winner.

If you aren't one to follow sports, let me just say that the Rockies have lost only one game in the past month. They won a one-game playoff to get into the post-season. They swept the Phillies in three straight games. Tonight, they

As you know from reading Open Your Heart with Skiing, you can learn a lot about life from sports and recreation activities. You can learn a lot from listening to what the elite athletes communicate, too. They all have exceptional skills and great coaching.

But SOMETHING sets them apart.

A few days ago, I was reading about the team that is the Colorado Rockies. They are mostly unassuming guys. They talk about the team during interviews. None of them seem to be asking for the attention.

One thing that was in that article was the key for them: "We honestly believe we'll win every game."

Whether you see that as attitude or faith or some combination of them doesn't matter, but the idea is critical. They see themselves winning every day. And for over a month, they have done that.

What about you? How much do you believe in what you are working at doing?

Let's go!

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