Time to Give Back...

I am in the air somewhere over middle America as I type this, flying back to Denver from Boston. When this trip ends, United tells me that I have 80,000 "Elite Qualifying Miles" (EQM) for the year. I didn't fly all of those miles, but pretty close.

Thursday, I leave for another conference, this time in St. Louis. After a brief visit to Peoria following that event, I return home early Tuesday morning. On Thursday morning I am on another flight at 10:20am from Denver, bound to Dulles. I connect with a 6pm flight to Zurich. I have a 90 minute layover there before jumping on a Swiss Air flight to Nairobi. After a too-brief overnight in Kenya, I will be on an 8am flight to Kigali, Rwanda.

In a 90-day period in 1994, 800,000 to 1,000,000 people were murdered in the most horrendous genocide of our lifetimes. The ultimate result of a colonial plan for Africa put in place decades before, it pitted neighbor against neighbor in ways that they cannot today explain. I believe that it is the most obvious display of the reality of evil's power that we have experienced during our lives. The murderer tried to destroy a people and a country.

Grace has overcome evil in that country.

But the damage is not yet repaired. Their economy has been all but destroyed. Trust between neighbors is lost. Reconciliation requires Love's touch.

So, we are going. We will be meeting with select business, government, and church leaders. We will be giving them a seminar on business development and leadership. We will be meeting with those working to develop various business opportunities, including a cybercafe, a t- shirt business, and perhaps others. We will also meet with those who may be able to help us develop a capital infrastructure to capitalize entrepreneurial business.

The country's leaders are true leaders, not simply politicians. Members of previous teams have met with cabinet members. We are joining with them to believe that special grace will shine on the hurting land of Rwanda.

My role is to preach (Sunday the 11th), teach (Wednesday the 14th), and advise various leaders during the course of my stay there (arrive the 10th, depart the 16th). Please send your prayers and/or best thoughts and energy my way as I prepare and go.

Also, since the trip is funded only by special contributions, I would ask for yourfinancial support, as well. If you would like to be part of this historical rebuilding, you can contribute a tax-deductable amount directly via Vinelife: http://www.vinelife.com/ (denote "Rwanda, ssh" on the PayPal link).

Please pray for and with me.

On the 16th, I retrace my steps, arriving home late on the 17th. 100,000 miles. Family. Thanksgiving. And hopefully a lasting impact on some people who live half-way around the world. That is my hope and my prayer. I may even get to go back...

Thank you for letting me share my journeys with you...

God bless you...

Stephen Sven Hultquist

PS You can also support this effort buy picking up a copy of the book (http://infinitesummit.com/book.html) or joining the Library Builder club (http://infinitesummit.com/).

PPS Feel free to pass this on to friends. Many people don't realize that there is still so much to do. Thanks.