This morning on the way to the slopes, it was a beautiful Vermont morning. The temperature registered -4F, and there was snow in the air. Wonderful for Vermont. Of course, I was here in Colorado, and this is a bit chilly for around here!

I was on my way to Copper Mountain to spend another pair of days teaching members of the Over the Hill Gang to ski moguls... those bumps that show up on many slopes after dozens of skiers turn in almost the same place. I devoted a chapter of The Book ( to bumps, and described how my enjoyment of them is relatively newly found.

Anyway, there were 19 folks signed up, and four of us ready to teach. We spent some time in-doors first thing (I'm grateful... it was bloody COLD outside!), looking at movements, experiencing them, and thinking about the ways to turn skis.

Then, we went outside onto the snow.

My plan was to spend some time slipping sideways to get a feel for that way of bleeding off speed.

But, we had a little surprise.

You see, the snowfall overnight had been with wind. Big wind. Lots of wind. And it had packed that newly fallen snow into what we sometimes call windslab. The top inch or so was packed by the wind, creating a barrier to skis, to turning, and to movement of almost any kind. Combined with the frigid temps, we had a number of falls and a bit of frustration.

However, as some of my great teachers have said, "The snow is either good... or it's good for your skiing."

And these students learned a lot today. Tomorrow, we'll be back at it to learn some more. Even though it is going to snow more tonight.

How about YOU? Ever had a surprise in your life?

The Book addresses your life through a metaphor of skiing, much like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance did through a journey across country.

But it also teaches skiing... and you might even want to try it after you read it. If you're a skier already, it will help you get better.

What are you doing with your time?

More on that soon...

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

PS Make sure you grab up a copy of The Book: