What Did You Do Today?

I learn things pretty quickly. In fact, I learned early that I would rather learn from someone else's pain than my own. One of the areas where I've managed to learn a lot from others is in my marriage. I actually pay attention to it, and work to keep Terry happy. All those old sayings are true, after all, and when mama ain't happy, ain't noooobody happy!

I want her to be happy!

So, when I step out of the closet wearing my outfit for the day and she looks at me, smiles, and says something like, "You're not wearing that today, are you?" I've learned the right answer... "No, dear, I was just seeing if this stuff still fit. By the way, what AM I wearing today?"

Truth hurts, ya know?

I also learned early on that there are just some things you don't say. Ever. One of them is this gem: "So, honey, what have you been doing ALL day...?"


You're about to get something thrown at you if you say that!

It sounds like I think she was sitting around all day doing nothing. Even if she was, I don't want her to think I think that.

Of course, Terry has never done that. Ever.

What about YOU? How do YOU feel about someone asking what you did today?

Many people don't even know. They couldn't even answer the question. Some people regret what they didn't get done. Others regret what they did.

But, you can never go back.

Tomorrow, what will you get done?

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

PS Yes, I did get the articles done and sent to my editor. And I will get the pre-publication web page up for the new time product this week. In the meantime, get the book: http:stephenhultquist.com/skiing.html