You and Your Commitment

Today was interesting... and a real challenge. I finished up a marathon of seminars earlier today. I drew so much from those opportunities. Even though I was workin' it from 7am to midnight every day, I had energy. It was great.

I admit I was getting tired, though.

I jumped on a plane this evening and flew from Tampa to Chicago. Then, I drove the familiar 3 hours to Peoria.

By then, I was really tired.

When I walked into my usual hotel, the desk clerk said something I didn't quite understand. "Excuse me?"

"We have a bit of a roof problem..."

It turns out I won't be staying there tonight. Instead, they put me up in a motel around the corner and down the street.

Remember? I'm really tired.

There was a big part of me that wanted to get really upset. But, I didn't say anything to anyone. I just got up to the room, got onto the Internet, and fulfilled my commitment to you: my daily e-mail.

Even when life seems to conspire against you, stick to your commitments. It gives you energy. Helps you celebrate. It turns out that your commitment is for YOU.

Let's go!

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