Breaking Through

Earlier today, I was in a very small room. It was loud, too. Fans filled the tiny closet with the sound of their whirring and of rushing air.

I was there to break into a computer.

Of course, that's not how it started.

Those who are my clients form a broad range of people, from CEOs and owners of businesses to those who are interested in developing themselves to a higher level. There are times when they ask me to do the unusual, and it's my pleasure to do whatever I can to help. Even the book grew out of these ideas (

For a number of my clients, I provide insights into their businesses. I help them see their business from different perspectives, offer them thoughts on people and process. And often, based on my 25 years of experience, guide them in their information technology plans, strategies, and implementation.

So it is with this customer.

They are an emerging company with a good idea in a growing market. They have solid backing in the form of venture capital. And they have some infrastructure in place.

But, it's not what they need.

And they've lost the keys.

So there I was sitting in their computer closet with cracking tools. Not something I do every day, mind you. But something that needed to be done.

I know people who don't like change (more about that tomorrow), but as we serve others, sometimes we need to do something different. We need to try something we've never done before. Or we need to dust off some old memories and do something we haven't done in a while.

Whatever it is, it helps us to stretch. Growth is good. It means we're alive. It's not easy, but it's good.

Doing something new or different often takes more time. Time that we hadn't planned. Time that we expected to use for something else.

Managing time is hard. In fact, it's impossible.

But, you can shave off a little time. Ready to learn how? Then check out the special pre-publication offer at

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

PS Shave off some time. Do more with what you have.