Full Days, Full Nights

Last night, once again in flight over the breadbasket of the country, I was hard at work. Fortunately, I was seated in 2C in a United Boeing 757. That means that I had a power port to use to plug in my computer, enough room to open it and type, and I was able to get a lot done.

During the past two days, in addition to my normal tasks, I have been creating a presentation for a client's staff. They need to understand better the technology strategy of the company and how it meshes with what they need to get done. I have been thinking about how best to communicate relatively complex enterprise technology concepts in terms that non-techie types will understand and be able to engage in the conversation.

There's been a lot to get done.

But, I'm ready. Tomorrow, I'll give the presentation here in Illinois.

What about YOU? Are you focused on what is most important for you to be doing right now? As you make your way through life, your ability to do that will determine your happiness and peace.

Where are you on that path?

This is another key to making the best of your time: stay focused on what's important.

Time is, after all, only available once, and then it's gone.

These concepts are all part of the Time Shaving book and system that will be available soon. To be sure that you are among those with one of the first printing, sign up today at http://stephenhultquist.com/shaving-book.html.

Most of all, be doing those things!

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

PS The pre-publication special for Time Shaving is still going on: http://stephenhultquist.com/shaving-book.html