I Can Do It Myself

My son Gabriel is 6. Since his sisters are so much older than he is, he ends up being the little boy with three mommies. He's great, though. All boy, and yet with a special affection for others. He's awesome. He's growing, though, and breaking through into new things that he can do. Lately, it's been about pulling the pitcher out of the 'fridge and pouring it himself. Sometimes, we forget, and start to do it for him. You know what he says, don't you?

"I can do it myself!"

Sound familiar?

Most adults I know haven't outgrown that. They are still trying to do it all themselves. YOU know better. But, it's worth checking once in a while.

I've mentioned my Master Mind groups a lot this month, since it's been a full one for me. I've been in Master Mind meetings that I facilitate, and Master Mind meetings where others do. I have multiple coaches in my life, too, and that's a big change from earlier in my life. The results in my life are outstanding, too. And others are noticing.

The first step it took was to admit that I could learn more working with others. I can't do it all myself!

The term Master Mind was coined by Napoleon Hill during his research at Andrew Carnegie's behest. Hill interviewed the most successful men of his day and pulled together the "Laws of Success" that formed the framework of their success. One of them he called "Power of the Master Mind: The Driving Force." In his description, he describes the experience you've had when you're in a group of people discovering ideas, and you realize that the whole is worth more than the sum of the parts. This "whole" he called the "Master Mind".

Be coached. Get into a Master Mind. Develop the power of working with other towards a common goal. And find joy in the journey.

Let's go!

Stephen Hultquist

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