The Broad Smile of Discovery

A few days ago I had the blessing of spending the afternoon with a wonderful woman on the slopes of Copper Mountain. It was a beautiful day. The snow has been plentiful, the sun bright and clear, and the views stunning, and this day was postcard beautiful. We met at lunch when she mentioned to me that her husband had enjoyed his time in my group the day before.

It was then that she discovered that she'd be spending the afternoon with me.

Nancy is a beautiful woman, not the least for what she has been through. A bright and articulate lady with silver-white hair, her smile is a welcoming as her words. There is a depth to her, though. A depth born of living so close to death for so long.

Ten years ago, she was diagnosed with cancer. Stage 3. And she and her husband made the decision to treat it with the most aggressive of chemo-therapies.

Today, she lives. And she lives life to the full. Her doctor doesn't want her skiing, since the on-going medication she takes steals minerals from her bones, making them more porous and brittle than they should be. But, she loves being out in the sun and snow.

We skied together that afternoon. I skied behind her to protect her from any of the spring-break skiers and riders that might not see her. I shared with her a few thoughts about her skiing, both technique and tactics.

And I saw her beautiful smile as she let the skis run a little and enjoyed the wind on her face and the feel of speed and power that comes with letting go a bit. She had a wonderful time, and sent me a great e-mail the next morning that will be one that I re-read when I need to think about the people I've taught.

And that smile of discovery. Finding something new that works.

Do you know what feeling?

For many people, each day is a drudgery. Another day stacked on the day before. The same thing but one day older. Nothing changes. Nothing gets better. Another day before you die.

Nancy has been there and back, though. And she would tell you: Grab on to your life and live it!

That's one of the topics in the book ( If you want to find a way to discovery joy in your days, find your way clear to your dreams, and connect with deeper reasons for what you are doing, it's a good place to start.

Another is with my forthcoming book on managing your time, available now on pre-publication here: Your life is up to you. No one else can live it. No one else is to blame. No one else can take the credit.

What are YOU doing with YOUR life?

Are you living it to the full?

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

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