The Difference a Day Makes

Last Tuesday was one of those days. I was away from home. This time, up in the mountains, guiding a group around Copper Mountain Resort. It was one of those days that you see in the pictures in the magazines. One that skiers dream about. I got to live it.

For the previous two days, it had snowed. By the time I got to Copper on Tuesday morning, after a half hour delay at the tunnel for snow clearing work, the resort had reported nearly two feet of snow from the two-day storm.

I pulled into the parking lot, threw my boot bag over my shoulders like a backpack, grabbed my skis and poles, and headed for the locker room.

We were all on-snow by 9am, sliding towards the chair.

It was one of those days.

We skied fresh snow all day. I led the group to some of my favorite off-beat stashes. We had first tracks on a lovely run off the peak. We dropped into sections of untracked snow virtually all day. After six hours, the group was tired. I suggested that they call it a day and plan to head out again the next day to enjoy the snow some more.

I wore my smile all the way home.

Today was a little different.

This morning, we were at home outside Boulder. Gabe woke early with his best friend, Joshua. We got them dressed and out of the house quickly. You see, today was a basketball day.

Gabe is 6 and in his first year of basketball. We went to see him play. He has improved a lot, getting better with his dribble, his shot, and his defense. He's growing up.

After getting the van washed as part of a fund-raising deal, we came back home. Gabe and Joshua played the rest of the day as only boys can: football in the back yard, more basketball in the park, wrestling in the hallway, foosball in the basement.

Tonight, he's at Joshua's house. I bet he goes to sleep easily!

I'm wearing a content smile tonight, too.

But, I'm thinking about how quickly time goes by. Rachel is almost 14. Time flies. We all grow older. And we ask the difficult questions.

Today, though, I did something else. I put the finishing touching on the Time Shaving Special Report that you get for free with Time Shaving ( I have also added in a new pre-publication offer for the Time Shaving book. You can check it out on that page, too.

I have another product coming soon, too, and we're working on the web pages constantly (so they'll keep changing for a little bit here).

Time is moving forward. Are you? Grab a copy of the Special Report when you order Time Shaving... And change the way you look at time.

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

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