'Twas a Full Day

Two days ago, I was on my flight home from Chicago and wrote to you.

Today, I was home here in Colorado with a very fully day.

I started the day by taking Gabriel for his soccer assessment as we prepare to move from basketball to soccer as his sports focus. Of course, he's still skiing, too, but that's less organized than these other recreations.

After soccer, I dropped him at home, ran into Boulder for a tux fitting, and then met the family at Gabe's basketball game.

Today, he had a steal and two baskets! It's awesome to see the progress he's making in his skills and his focus.

After that, we had Terry folks and my brother over for lunch before Terry headed off to decorate for a friend's party. Shortly after, she and I were both at the party to celebrate their 25 years of marriage. Not always easy, but they've made it through and are now going to be able to help others to make the way.

They asked me to say a few words, and I was honored to encourage them as they set off on the next 25.

Then it was home for some family time. At times throughout the day, I also had client calls and e-mail to handle.

'Twas a very full day.

Even so, I was able to maintain my perspective. I focused on what was most important. I'm pleasantly tired, but not frustrated or stressed.

How about YOU?

Keeping your focus on what is most important to YOU can be a real challenge. It is the first key to breaking out of the typical time bondage.

Start there.

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

PS For details on breaking out of time bondage, pick up a copy of Time Shaving (http://stephenhultquist.com/shaving.html). The special report is going to be ready shortly!