Your Best Chance

Last week I enjoyed a lively meeting with my marketing meeting members in the great classroom facility at Steve Weaver's Dive & Travel shop in Boulder. We spent time -- as we do every month -- discussing ways to get more done, accomplish more, grow businesses... it was a dynamic time, and I enjoy it every time we meet. During one of my comments, I asked them what they thought of this idea, and... well... I've decided to offer you your best chance ever for a free iPod.

Although this e-mail list has many great members, it's time to get the word out to a broader audience as there are more helpful tips that I'll be sharing with you. You know that you have friends who will benefit from making better use of their time, learning how to earn more (more about that in a tip next week!), or taking the time to consider ideas that will help them live happier lives.

This is a chance to give them access to great information at no cost, win an iPod, and give them a chance to win one, too!

Between now and the anniversary of my marriage to Terry on July 7th, I will give you credit for every person you invite who joins the list. The person who invites the most members will get the iPod.

Then, on the 7th, I will announce the winner of the iPod for inviting people and I'll also announce that one of our new members won an iPod, too.

There may be a few more things in store, too.

Start by forwarding this to your friends and letting them know that you're going to win that iPod when they join the list... and they may just win one, too. All they need to do is go to and join the list...

Let's go!

Stephen Hultquist

P.S. If you are looking for ways of getting more out of every day, you really need to check out my revolutionary approach to time... shave a little!