Your Personal Business (part 3)

Last Monday morning on my way to Chicago, I settled into seat 13F and pulled out one of the books that I had brought along to focus my energy during takeoff and landing while my computer is properly stowed. The first book I grabbed is an insightful book by advertising maverick Ben Mack called "Think Two Products Ahead".

I am a voracious reader, and I make sure that I spend the time I have concentrating on ideas that will move YOU and me forward. This book was new to my collection, and I read it with interest. Mack is typically irreverent, but he also has a solid track record and the right perspective: results are the only success.

Your forward vision will define your focus. If you know where you're headed and why, today becomes part of that thread that leads you forward. Your time today is your investment in that success.

Only YOU can define who you are. You do it by being consistent, and moving forward with intention towards what YOU have decided is most important to you. Thinking ahead gives today meaning.

When you stack those days one on top of the other, you create the image that others see of you.

Take your time today to define your next two "products".

Let's go!

Stephen Hultquist

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