When Is In Time?

When is It Time? Dear %$firstname$%,

As I type this to you, I'm in the air, again. I love to travel. I enjoy the anticipation, the going there, the getting there, the bittersweet goodbye, and the homecoming. After nearly a year's anticipation, we're on our way to our first international family vacation, this one to the UK (England and Scotland this time). Here are 40,000 feet in the air over the Atlantic, it's becoming real. We're going! We're here as a family this time, instead of me visiting clients, meeting with my Master Mind colleagues, or checking in with my coaches as I often do. This time I get to share it.

The kids are getting used to the seats and the extra space, since my frequent flying has given us the advantage of flying in business class. The girls took the two seats by the window and Terry and I are sharing the middle three seats with Gabe. It's a perfect timing for a trans-Atlantic flight, leaving Denver at half-past eight and arriving in London midday. We should have time for getting oriented and seeing a few sights near the hotel before making it an early night.

I'm thinking, though, about the responses of those who heard about the trip. Most, like our closest friends, were delighted and wished us a wonderful journey and relaxing vacation. But sometimes someone would say, "Ugh! How could you go now? The exchange rate will kill you! It's SOOO expensive!"

I always find those kinds of comments interesting -- and sometimes find them irritating. After all, I can't control the exchange rate, or most other things like that. We plan trips like this for nearly a year, and there is nothing I can do about those things. Cancel our trip? No way! We'll just take it as it comes. And love every minute of it.

You'll hear more as we explore "merry olde England" and Scotland!

To YOUR success, ssh