How To See the Queen

We're still in London, and today was the day for the changing of the guard, the pageantry of redcoats going off duty and on duty. At least that was the plan. It didn't quite turn out that way. Today started off like yesterday, with a tube ride into the city. This time, we got off at Westminster station. The looks on the faces of the kids when they stared up at Big Ben for the first time was priceless! We got some stills and video from the Westminster Bridge over the Thames (although the construction on the north side was a real bummer!), and then headed for Buckingham Palace.

The police presence was more the I remembered as we made our way towards the park. There are avenues leading up to the palace and surrounding the great park outside it. Ducks, herons, and other waterfowl play in the pools and laugh at the tourists. But before we got there, we had our first surprise. There, on Birdcage Walk, was the Kings Troop Royal Artillery. As we walked up, they stopped. They unsheathed their swords with a snap. Sat at attention. Yet were human at the same time. We listened to them speak with one another waiting for their command to move out, astride those glorious horses. My daughter Rachel connected with a number of the horses as she so often does, much like a "horse whisperer".

...and the day was just starting!

After the King's Troop began again, we neaded towards the palace. The crowds were much larger than I expected. Then, I happened to overhear a London police officer: "The Queen will be leaving in about 2 minutes."


We sprinted for The Mall and set up to wait. Within seconds, her consort began to pass.

You see, it was the Queen's Official Birthday!

So we saw the Queen on her Official Birthday. Not her real birthday. But, then, she's the Queen!

How many birthdays do you have each year?

She reminds us that we can master time by thinking differently. Monarchs always do. They are taught differently than we are. But, they really aren't any different. And we can learn something from how they treat time. Like they are immortal. Like they can bend it. And like they control it.

To YOUR success, ssh