Starting Our 25th Year

This past weekend was relaxing and fun as Terry and I headed up to Breckenridge for a few days of R&R. Of course, before we could relax together, I spoke at the annual Hands & Voices Leadership conference. Friday morning, I joined the leaders of Hands & Voices, a nation-wide non-profit dedicated to helping children who are hearing impared or deaf to reach their highest potential, and spoke with them about the essence of leadership and the daily roles of a leader. The members of the group are inspirational, and doing a vitally important work. As you know from reading my books or hearing me speak, my mission is to guide people and organizations to their highest potential, so we had an immediate connection. Some of the leaders were concerned that I wouldn't understand the non-profit world or their work, but after letting them know my background as a non-profit leader and also my growing up around friends who are deaf, we connected.

And I'm glad we did.

I was able to share with them the important concepts of leadership. How it's their job to communicate the "Why?", to identify the "Who?", to understand motivation and how to use it, to be clear about the "What?", to plan the "When?", and to work together with their teams on the "How?"

Many of the leaders came up to speak with me afterwards and share how some of the concepts really helped them to see more clearly how to lead and how some of the stories really brought the points home.


I think that stories area great for illustrating much of life, but deep principles require a metaphor. Life principles are so incredibly important, and yet so few people really know what they are, understand them, or put them to use. That's why I wrote Mastering Life Through Love of the Turns; taking critical life principles and putting them to the music of the metaphor of skiing so that they are more easily understood.

...and now you can get a copy for yourself or a friend at a special price to celebrate with Terry and me. More about that in a minute...

An ancient wisdom writing says, "God speaks, first one way and then another, though man may not perceive it." We miss truth, don't we? Stories and metaphors help them become more real. Wisdom writing is full of it, but today, much of it is lost.

After my leadership teaching, I joined the conference attendees for lunch, had some great conversations, and then headed out with Terry to enjoy our 24th anniversary. That's right, we're in our 25th year!

To celebrate that, I'm going to give YOU a gift just for this week. If you buy one or more copies of the book, I'll give you 25 dimes off. Just put "25for25" in at checkout as a coupon and the amount will automatically be deducted. (Go here to read more about the book and to order: I'll even sign it for you!

Meeting leaders is always great. They are so committed to what they do and to others. And the snow that's still on the peaks just added to my enjoyment.

Where do YOU find inspiration?

To YOUR success, Stephen Hultquist

PS Don't forget that you can pick up a copy of the book for yourself and your friends at Skiers are starting to think about skiing now as the days get shorter, so it makes a great gift!