How to Fight Distraction

It has been an interesting summer. And here I am, once again, at 35,000 feet somewhere over the Western United States on another United flight. I admit that the video screens are difficult to avoid, but I do my best. Especially since I've noticed this same sitcom episode on many flights this month. Ever notice how it can be difficult to avoid distraction?

In fact, for me, the summer has been much like that. Everywhere I turned, there was opportunity... and distraction. I rediscovered a fundamental of life that easily slips away from us:


Purpose is the "why?" of life. It gives a reason for what you are doing now... and what you are doing next. It gives you clearer choices.

..and most people have no idea what theirs is. Do you?

As Zig Ziglar recommended in his great audio album "Goals" (as I quoted in my book), knowing your purpose gives you the opportunity to ask very simple questions every time you have a choice. The key question is, "Will doing this get me closer to or further from my primary objective?"

Think about how easy that makes choices that so often seem complex. Does this move me closer? If so, then it makes sense to pursue it. If not, there is no real reason to bother with it.

First, though, you have to get clear about your purpose. This is true for you personally, for you and your family, and for your business. Capturing the emotionally-charged reality of what is important to you will change your life.

So take the time to do it.

Therein lies the story behind my absence for so much of this summer. Purpose and distraction. When purpose stays clear, distractions have less impact. But sometimes it's hard to keep it clear and sometimes the distractions seem more important than they are.

Are you getting closer to or further from your primary objective? Do you know?

To YOUR success, ssh

PS Purpose is the first step to clarity. Do you carry yours with you at all times?