How to Respond to the Economy

On Friday afternoon, I had a coaching call with one of the members of my business Master Mind group. We were talking about the great job he's been doing cleaning up a bunch of loose ends in his business. As for many of us, it's easy for Roderick to ignore the little things and miss just how much energy they drain out of your life. Like a bottle of fine wine with a slow leak in the cork, they can ruin the joy in your life.

Roderick is experiencing the freedom of no loose ends. Are you? It takes a bit of focus and blocking your time to get 'er done, but it's worth it.

Just do it.

In the middle of our conversation, though, I asked him a question that caused him to pause and say, "Wow. That's a really good question." One of the things I enjoy about Roderick is his focus on moving forward and his willingness to calmly look at his own situation and be willing to take coaching and make changes.

His response to the question didn't surprise me, but it was great to hear. Then, we talked about some ideas.

You want to know the question? It was this:

How can your business prosper from the economic turmoil?

Fear is in the air. Fear is sucking the life out of people everywhere. The traditional media are amplifying the fear, uncertainty, and doubt to further their objectives. It's been about a year since they first started creating fearful expectations... and their self-fulfilling prophesy of contraction. After all, fearful people hold tight to their funds... and people holding tight don't feed the economy. It really is that simple, and yet most people think that the economy is some sentient being with its own volition. It's not. It's just the collective actions of all the people in the country and in the world.

And when people get fearful, they tremble and hide.

Some people, though, prosper in these times. And those are the people who ask themselves that question every day: How can I prosper in these economic times? Whether in an expansion or a contraction, that version of the question will serve you well.

As Elfreda Pretorius says in her great book, "Stop Struggling and Start Living," no one is coming to rescue you. It's up to you. And you CAN prosper, regardless of what everyone else is doing.

So, how can YOU prosper in these economic times?

To YOUR success, ssh

PS A few of the people who receive my email have asked about personal coaching and my Master Mind group. I do have two slots available in my Boulder Master Mind group, and three in my personal coaching group. Let me know if you are interested and I'll send you an application