What's Been Going On

I have mentioned a number of times that I would let you in on what has been going on with me and why I've been sending you an email so rarely... and as we approach Thanksgiving, it seems an important thing to do. I am grateful for you. Thank you for subscribing to my email list. I have received some wonderful comments and I am grateful that you get something out of these emails. Beginning next week, you will hear from me more frequently.

That said, what's been going on?

It's been a very interesting time. We had a wonderful time in England and Scotland in June, but the reentry when we returned was very challenging for me. I had a client dramatically increase their demands on my time, and was challenged by those demands at the same time that I was working on my Time Mastery system...

...talk about ironic!

It has taken me this long to recover from the "perfect storm" of too much to do with commitments that were just too aggressive. My tendency to take on the impossible just to prove it can be done was a big part of the reason I hunkered down to get those things done.

But there were other important things that went undone.

Now, though, I'm starting to come out and see more clearly what's been going on. As the air clears, I am making the changes necessary to free myself from those challenges, including dropping a client...

Have you ever been there? The good news is that I've learned A LOT in the process, will have even more to share with you as a result. And I am recommitted to being sure that you hear from me.

Drop me a line to let me know what's going on with you, and any questions that you've been considering lately. Let's get reconnected!

To YOUR success, ssh

PS Growth is a perpetual and deliberate process. Are you growing?