The Boiling Baptismal

Yesterday was a special day for my son Gabriel at me. Gabe is 7 years old. He loves football. I mean he REALLY loves football. He watches it on television (and was my excuse for getting DirecTV with NFL Sunday Ticket this year!), plays it on the computer (John Madden and Al Michaels have taught him a lot about the game!), and talks about it constantly. Often, he will stop a conversation to ask a question. "If the Jets are in white playing the Titans in blue, who will win?" He likes the team in white. He was pretty happy with the Jets this weekend.

But that's not why yesterday was so special.

You may remember that I'm a lay pastor. That means that I do pastor stuff but not as a job... I don't get paid for it. And that's just fine with me.

One of the things I've been asked to do as a result is to baptise people. It's always a joy to be able to participate with a believer in their spiritual awakening in baptism, but there are some that are more special than others...

Like Gabe's.

He has been talking about his baptism for a while, and Sunday was the day. We planned a small, private time with a few of his friends. But it didn't turn out quite the way that we had planned.

A few minutes before I started to pull the cover off, Jerry had heard the baptismal water boiling! Seems we'd be a bit delayed. The termostat had failed completely. The water heater didn't stop heating the water until Jerry cut off the power to it. Getting the cover off turned out to be quite the experience, too...

It took most of the day, but eventually the water cooled enough that Gabe was able to experience his spiritual cleansing that evening. And I got to be the pastor who baptized him.

Often, life doesn't go the way we've planned. We have to decide at each turn which way we'll go. You need to know your destination, as I wrote in chapter 11 of the book (, and knowing it you'll know how to choose.

Do you know?

To YOUR success, ssh

PS Now's a good time to pick up a copy of the book for your skiing friends and family for Christmas. I'll sign it to anyone you'd like: