Health Comes First

G'day... Today, the news stories centered around a US Airways airplane that the pilot safely landed on the Hudson river. Virtually as soon as it happened, photos appeared on Twitter and Flickr.

But yesterday, the world was a-twitter with the news that Apple CEO Steve Jobs had announced a 6-month medial leave of absense to deal with his health. One of my friends said it well: It's great to see him show the example that health comes first.

Today, I read a great article by Kara Swicher of AllThingsD about Jobs and his 2005 commencement address at Stanford. (You can read the full article here: In reading Steve's speech (the full text is in the article as well as a video of it), I was struck by a couple of things that Steve said:

1) Follow what you love and allow your passion to guide the way you serve others

2) Make your decisions today as though it is your last

Given Jobs' recent bouts with pancreatic cancer and now a hormonal imbalance, he brings an astounding perspective.

Live with passion...

Let's go! ssh

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