Life Would be Pretty Good...

I've been here in my office a lot the past few days working on a web site transition for one of my clients and getting my hands a little dirtier than usual tearing apart a hard drive that decided to go bad. I posted a few photos of the hard drive as I tore it apart to both Twitter and Facebook and made a few comments. It was very interesting the number of people who got caught up in my tearing apart a hard drive, including Mark, who has a couple of the same type of drives connected to his Mac, and Jim who asked if I had pulled the drives out and tried to mount them directly.

Great idea! I hadn't done that. So, I did. In the process, I found that one was completely dead, but the other would work (and allowed me to recover the data that had been on the disk since the data was the same on the two disks; they were mirrored).

Once again, my friends saved me some frustration... and money!

Of course, not everything went so smoothly. I was reminded of Rob Golden, who I worked with many years ago.

Rob was a great engineer at IBM. He was a programming engineer, and worked on a wide variety of projects across the company. I was grateful to get to know him as a young, wet-behind-the-ears IBMer. One day, I walked into his dimly lit office to catch up on projects, completely ignorant of the impact that the short meeting would have.

I leaned against his desk as he typed away, then he looked up at me over the top of his glasses. Rob was a veteran, with the gray hair and lines on his face to prove it. He was thoughtful and focused. He could laugh when we played a joke on him, but could be as serious as he needed to be.

On this day, we were talking about his latest software project, and the reactions of the users. "How's it goin'?" I asked innocently enough.

"Well," he replied, "It's going well. Life would be pretty good if it wasn't for these damn computers."

I miss Rob. And his irony.

...and I can certainly relate to his point. At least he didn't blame the users.

Like Bill Gates and other business technology experts, I am often asked about various technologies that people are considering using. Since I've worked with forums and sites like Facebook and Twitter for a while and they are really gathering momentum, I've been getting a lot of questions about them. So, I've decided to put together a new Benefits of Some Social Networks package of video and an executive summary. You'll be able to quickly scan, learn which systems you should -- and even more importantly, shouldn't -- use, what do watch out for, and how to make them beneficial instead of painful time-wasters.

Keep your eyes open for that... it'll be out next week.

Let's go! ssh

PS If you've got some technology frustrations, take the survey.