The Biggest Thief of Our Age

Last weekend, my wonderful wife Terry went to visit her parents. A couple of years ago, they moved to be closer to Terry and her sister, so now live less than an hour from us. Terry drove up there and sat down with her mom, chatting, and staying connected. Letting her know that Terry is here for her. They spent a nice afternoon together, but Terry wasn't able to spend any time with her dad. He slept the entire time. And that's just wrong! It makes me angry!

Not at her dad, tho.

It's always touch and go with her dad. Even when he's awake, he won't know her.

His brain -- and his life -- has been stolen by the biggest thief of our age: Alzheimer's Disease.

That disease is one clear proof that evil rages against the human race.

I watched his memory go. I watched him have crazy mood swings. One evening in the throes of not understanding because he couldn't remember, he threw a chair across a room. He lost his grandkids from his memory first. My little guy, Gabriel, was one of the first. At seven years old, he never really knew his grandfather. Having lost his other grandfather when he was but 4, there's a huge slice out of his young life. Having a grandfather who can't remember him, who now can't remember his mom, and who is unable to interact in any real way is a huge loss for that little guy.

Such are the valuable family relationships and memories that are gone forever, stolen by the vile thief.

Terry's mom, though, has borne the brunt of it. She stands by her wedding vows and cares for a man who often doesn't really know her. He is not who he was. He's a shell of a man. I think that, for the most part, his body is a soulless shell, his real essence separate from his body for the majority of the time, coming back very rarely just long enough to rebirth false hope.

Then he's gone, again.

Seeing it so closely and personally, I have made decisions about myself. I have talked with my family about the "what ifs". It's hard to think about. It's tough to stare down such a cruel criminal. But, for the sake of my beloved bride and my precious children, I must.

That's not enough, though. I also have decided to do all I can to avoid that end. I've read, listened, and studied. I have met some incredible people who are committed to finding ways to protect you and me from this evil. One of them has become a friend.

And now, by my encouragement multiplied by that of others in our circle, he's put together a program for you and me. He's a scholar and doctor, a bestselling author of more than half-a-dozen books on brain health and longevity, and he is America's #1 brain longevity specialist. And now he's got a system designed for you and me to protect ourselves from brain loss. In fact, his system goes beyond that and can actually reverse brain damage and the effects of memory loss.

His new book is called "Dead Brain Cells Don't Lie: 97 Ways To Stamp Out Memory Loss, Slow Brain Aging, and Prevent Alzheimer's". But it’s much more than just a book – it’s a complete memory-boosting program complete with a special DVD featuring Dr. Dharma’s Secret Sequence to Grow New Brain Cells. With this, you can improve the power of your brain fast. Plus, he’s included an amazing array of complimentary bonuses to make sure you have every tool you need to help you truly succeed at boosting your memory and warding off Alzheimer’s disease.

This system is finally available after almost a year in production. I can't think of a more important gift to yourself or someone you love. The good news is that the process is simple and anyone can do it. For some, it may require a shift in thinking. Regardless, if I can do something now to keep from the dark tunnel of memory loss, I'm going to do it.

As the hospice nurses now treating Terry's dad have said: Do what you can now to keep your mind healthy! Dr. Dharma has the methods and means to help you do that. You can learn more about Dead Brain Cells Don't Lie by going here.

Let's go!

PS Dr. Dharma has made this available to you at no risk. I think it's worth doing, and I hope you'll check it out.