Religion on an Airplane?

I'm sitting here at 38,000 feet somewhere over the central US, thinking about religions. But not the religions you may think I mean. Instead, technology religions. I have been involved in various forms of technology for many years, going back to the first time I programmed a machine with patch cords when I was in 4th grade. I have heard much of the preaching over the years, too, first from geeks, but more recently from the man on the street.

For example, as I settled into my seat here on my flight home, the young women next to me turned after hanging up her cell phone and ask, "I see you're using an Apple iPhone... do you use an Apple computer, too?" After I told her that I did now after many years of using a Windows PC, she told me that she was thinking about getting one.

"I am really thinking about it," she said, "But, I'm in the legal field..." and her voice trailed off. That's when I told her that a Mac can run Windows, and is able to run anything you might want. What you are unable to run on a Mac should no longer stop you from getting one.

Although there may be other reasons.

What I've noticed, though, is that people react to my use of an iPhone and a Mac. They often have a very emotional response, and make all kinds of assumptions about me: "Oh, you're an Apple guy," they'll say. Or, like the new Microsoft commercials, they'll say, "I'm not cool enough to have a Mac."

Thinking like this has no place in business. While entertaining at a cocktail party or questionably effective in an advertisement, there's no reason to waste any time with it as you try to work out what's best for you. For that, you want to look at what you want to do with your technology and find the most effective option.

This takes the religion out of the conversation and makes the choices much clearer.

After talking a bit about what it was like to use their current computers for their work, we talked about her options. I listened to her needs, and let her know my reasons for using a Mac for everything after years of being a Windows expert. I also told her why I often recommending them to my clients. Since I can (and do) run Windows on my Macs for things that will only run there, it's not a limitation. And since the Mac has been far more reliable and secure than Windows was for me, I haven't had any downtime due to a hung system, a virus, or any other malware.

Of course, I don't make the same recommendations for everyone.

She has asked me to work with her firm to get her the right computers, and software. I'll also help her make the changes she'll want to make. I'll work with her just as I've worked with dozens of other companies and business leaders to put the right technology to work for them.

It's kind of like that with social media. Is it something that can help you and your business?

Almost certainly!

But which and how? Those are the questions. And the answers depend on you, your business, your strategy for leads, customers, and engagement with them.

Because social media are so new, I've been asked to help business leaders understand it. It's NOT hard to understand, but you DO want to understand it before you make any of the mistakes made with social media every day.

Go to this special page for more information on how you can quickly get going with social media in a way that will help you and your buisness.

To YOUR success, Stephen Hultquist Your Geek Whisperer™

PS There's even more to social media and its benefits than you realize. I'll show you at this new page.

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