How to Fix the Recession

Before you get the wrong impression and before I go any further, let me just say that I love London. My wife Terry and I are enjoying our time here immensely as we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary here, but, just like in the States, they just don't get it. Today, the famously blunt British press was all over the Prime Minister (PM), his cabinet, and the Members of Parliament (MPs). Seems that many of the government's so-called servants have been busy ringing up tabs at taxpayer expense, many of which the press and constituents find wrong -- especially, as the press like to point out, during a recession.

I'll talk more about that later this week, but for now I want to focus in on a statement that was repeated multiple times this morning: It seems that the opposition is convinced that PM Gordon Brown can't "fix the recession" and his few remaining supporters are convinced that he's the right man for that job.

Irrelevant and misleading commentary. It's CRAZY!

For anyone to claim that government has a way to "fix" anything is the height of both stupidity and conceit. They have no such power, and, in fact, are finding their power more reduced by the day.

The good news for you, though, is that it doesn't matter which is true. There IS a way to fix the recession.


You do it.

That's right, YOU.

It's really not hard to understand. It just takes some work. Here's the secret: produce a product or service that enough other people value enough to make it profitable for you. Then, sell enough of the product or service to earn as much as you would like.

And yes, it really IS that simple. That's how it all works.

So ignore the press. In fact, kill your TV and stop your newspaper subscription. As CNN found when they interviewed me, I get my news from Twitter and Facebook! Just dump the rest of that stuff. It's a waste of your time and bombards you with so much negative energy that it takes hours to recover.

What will you produce that others will want?

To YOUR success, ssh

PS Yes, this works even if you have a job. More on that tomorrow.