This Week's Big Announcements

Even as I enjoyed some time in London this past week, both meeting with some business colleagues and enjoying time alone with my bride of 25 years, there were a number of big announcements and product released in the technology world. You may be wondering about their use in your business, so I'll cover them in the next few posts: The first was the introduction of the Palm Pre by Palm and Sprint on June 6th. TImed to preempt Apple's pending Worldwide Developers' Conference and the expected announcement of a new iPhone, the Pre owned the technology press hype for a couple of days. Sprint and Palm say that they sold their expected number of Pres over the weekend, as well.

On Monday, Apple had its big announcements, including a new iPhone (the iPhone 3G S with the "S" being for "Speed", available in 16GB and 32GB models in white or black), new MacBook Pro models and features, and availability of Apple's new Snow Leopard operating system early this fall.

The question for you first needs to be this: Do you care?

If you have a mobile device that addresses your needs, ignore the Palm Pre and iPhone talk.

If you have a computer that you are using that you do not plan to replace, ignore the MacBook Pro talk.

If you do not use a Mac, ignore the Snow Leopard talk.

Now, use the time you've recovered to get some more of your business work done.

If you ARE considering new mobile devices, a new computer, or are a Mac user, then the next few posts will give you the keys to your decisions.

To YOUR success, ssh, your Geek Whisperer

PS As a journalist, I'm getting more and more notices about social media's use in all sizes of business. If you're not using an evolving strategy for it now, you need to be. Jump over here for a quick way to get started.