Where in the World am I?

What is this? The Great Circle of my summer

You may have wondered just what has been going on, since I had typed on this very blog about how I was planning to re-engage with it, let you know what's going on, and generally communicate more.

Then, I went silent. This graphic outlines part of the reason.

You see, this is the Great Circle map of my flights since I last completed a post here on the blog. I've created a few, but they are all still in draft status. I've been spending my time on airplanes, on calls, and in-person working with clients in locations in the western hemisphere. I've logged over 31,000 miles just since July 15th!

That said, I'm going to change my posting strategy and get posting frequently.

The content will likely be shorter, but I have been thinking about so much that I think you'll enjoy learning! So, let me know what's on your mind, and let's get started.

Tomorrow, I'll be recording a special interview with my good friend Chuck Sproule. Chuck is an inventor, a martial artist, and has incredible research insights into how our bodies work. We're going to produce some products from that call that I'll tell you about soon.

Drop in a comment and let me know what's on your mind. I have a few technology and business reviews coming up, too.

Blessings... ssh