Insights into Travel

Since I've been traveling so much for so many years, I often forget that knowledge I take for granted isn't necessarily well-known. So, at the request of a few readers of this blog, I'm going to give you insights into traveling that I have learned over the course of the million or so miles that I've flown over the past 20+ years. These days, since I live in Boulder, Colorado, I fly United almost exclusively. For the past three years, I've flown enough that I am a member of United's highest mileage-based status (Premier Executive 1K or just "1K"). Status with an airline is a useful characteristic, giving you access to the highest level of customer service that the airline offers. Depending on the airline, that may not be all that great, but it's almost always better than what those without status receive!

Airlines roll out the red carpet for elite fliers

During the next few months, most US domestic airlines are offering a "Double EQM" offer to help you get status. "EQM" is the abbreviation for "Elite Qualifying Miles" and refers to the miles that are credited to your frequent flier account. With the frequent flier programs doubling your EQM for flights for most of the rest of the year, you may find yourself at a higher status than you otherwise would have, giving you access to benefits that you might not have had before.

Visit your airline's web site to see if they are offering a double EQM program, and make sure that you register if they are.

Let me know your questions and comments about travel, and I'll add them to the items I'll address.

Blessings, ssh

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