iPad is Another Apple Game Changer

After the January 2007 announcement of the Apple iPhone, I wrote that it would be a game-changer, creating a new experience of always-available Internet that would change the way people interact with their world. Unlike so many pundits who didn't give Apple a chance in the highly-competitive call phone marketplace, it was clear to me that what they were doing was different. And Apple are doing it again.

Yesterday, in a typically Apple way, Steve Jobs and crew introduced the Apple iPad, a new computing device that is a cross between an iPhone and a netbook. While the majority of journalists and bloggers focussed in on the various features of the new device, they missed the point. Once again, Apple has introduced a device that will re-define the way that people interact with their technology tools, and in doing so, they are providing us with an environment that will once again improve our productivity and our experience.

iPad Home Screen

It's a game changer because it is not a "Kindle killer." It's a game changer because it's a completely new way to interact with the 'net and your information. Hang on! It's going to be a ride!