The iPad Emerges

It has been only a few days since the emergence of the iPad, but already a large constituency of computer users are trying out the device and having very positive experiences. I am now among them, having picked up an iPad for use in testing the iPhone/iPhone apps that I have designed for a couple of clients. In fact, I'm typing this post on it. I found it interesting that about 20% of the first class cabin on my flight yesterday had one. They were the talk of the cabin, too.

However, it's early. Even though 450,000 were sold over the weekend -- and I observed many people at the Apple Store looking at the iPads while I was there, and the 32GB models were sold out -- it is clear that the adoption rate is going to be influenced by the early adopter response and the way that they communicate about it to their friends and confidantes.

Apple's iPad

What about you? Have you bought one? Tried one? Post your thoughts in the comments...