Kindle for iPad Review

One of the first things I did once I had my new iPad sync'd was to download the Amazon Kindle app to see how it would work for me and compare to the experience with my Kindle 2. My first view was a "Wow!" when I saw the splash screen and then my Kindle library displayed on the big iPad screen.

The experience got even better when I opened a book. I could choose the appearance and font, and choose the comfortable and somewhat old-fashioned sepia background.

Furthermore, I could highlight easily, add notes, and bookmark as I read multiple books during my trip. If you haven't used a Kindle or Kindle application on your iPhone, you may not know that they sync. In my case, the reading locations between my iPhone, my Kindle 2, and my iPad sync transparently, allowing me to use whichever I want which is near by.

I'm glad Apple approved the Kindle app for the iPhone and iPad. The reading experience is great, and now my existing Kindle books are available on my iPad, too.

Oh... By the way, the app is free!