The iPhone 4 for Business?

You may have heard or read something about the new Apple iPhone 4. Well, let's be real... Yes, I'm sure that you have. Apple had a very large launch of their newest phone, with 1.4M sold in the first weekend (3 million in the first 3 weeks), and, as often happens in the work of the press that is supported by viewers and page views: They jump on the success of a quality company.

On Friday, Apple addressed the negative press that they have received in the first 22 days of the iPhone 4's availability. Even though they have sold an average of a million units every week, the press has capitalized on reports of signal interference and loss that have been reported and posted to the Internet.

What do I think about the iPhone 4?

Simply put, if you are in the market for a smartphone and are OK with AT&T as your provider, there is no better alternative for a business person. Here's why:

  1. The iPhone 4 offers the most comprehensive set of business and productivity apps available
  2. The iPhone 4 screen makes it much easier to read and process information... especially for aging eyes!
  3. The iPhone 4 offers the full Internet, with all the important business sites making their video available on it without requiring Flash. Frankly, if a site won't allow you to see their videos on your iPhone, they don't deserve your business!
  4. The iPhone 4 camera is an outstanding communication system for business, from whiteboards to product photos and video demos.
  5. Email, calendar sharing, contact synchronization, and full support for multiple Exchange accounts work seamlessly.
  6. The iPhone 4 remains a device you can use without training and without a manual.

In short, for a piece of technology that you can take out of the box and begin to use to experience productivity, you cannot beat the iPhone 4. It makes it even better that you can take it to a nearby Apple Store at any time with questions, issues, or training, should you want it.

Buy one and move on to your next challenge.