Steve Hultquist is considered by many to be one of the foremost business leadership executive coaches in the United States. He advises executive leaders and their teams in widely diverse organizations from the largest Fortune 50 corporations to small early-stage companies and solo entrepreneurs. He works with leaders to create empowering organizations that deliver high value to customers, team members, and suppliers, together with investors and other stakeholders.

Steve knows that ultimately and always, success and profits are about people. His career and leadership includes senior roles in corporate strategy, technology and engineering, professional services, and customer support. His expertise in communication helps organizations identify the benefits to all stakeholders and articulate them with clarity, leading to improved business results — and happier customers and staff.

His involvement with leadership transforms organizations, aligning motivations across teams and guiding individuals in growing personally and professionally while ensuring that the organization benefits from their growth.

Mr. Hultquist has traveled worldwide as an author and journalist speaking on topics including customer success, delivering value, humanizing business, effective use of technology, organizational leadership, personal development, and human relationships. He has held a wide range of roles including CEO, CTO, CIO, and Chief Evangelist to deliver exceptionally valuable products and services internationally.

When you talk with customers and coaching clients about Steve Hultquist, they say things like:

“He is a dynamo of energy and focus.”

“He defies classification.”

“He moves our business into the future. Not only that, he guides me in following my own path to success.”

Steve has been called a “business prophet” for the way he sees into the future and communicates it with clarity and useful insight. He can even be as bold and brash as some of those old-time prophets to help people to “get it!” He is a proven business leader who focuses on results for both the business and the people who make up the business. He is convinced that success comes when accomplishment meets personal peace, and works with his clients to develop approaches that address these together.

Steve coaches, advises, speaks, and writes. He works both one-on-one and in groups. His insights into people, processes, and simplifying technologies will move you toward your goals.

Our Story

After more than a decade as an IBM engineer, promoted to Senior Engineer in less than 10 years, Steve started his own consulting firm, providing services to companies ranging from start-ups to large enterprises like Microsoft, HP, Sun Microsystems, and IBM. He has provided executive leadership; hands-on engineering and professional technical services; individual and team coaching; speaking, writing, and training; and related services. He has also authored two books and written chapters in two others.

Today, Steve focuses on the value of human connection in the age of social media to build personal and organizational competitive advantage.