Given his broad background as a consultant, coach, speaker, and writer with experience as a leader and technologist, you can choose from a broad array of service offerings. For more details on any of these services, click the header text for your particular area of interest.

Speaking, Training, Consulting

Bringing your team together and aligning everyone behind a successful strategy for working together, with customers, and with suppliers and other stakeholders is a great opportunity, but often difficult to accomplish. Steve speaks, trains, coaches, and consults with groups to guide their approach and perspectives on relationships with those involved in their efforts. In the 21st century, social media has changed the game, while in some ways creating a "Back to the Future" sense of interactions. Delivering a vision for approaching relationships, using assessments to help become aware and overcome habits of thinking, and consulting and coaching people as they move forward are all part of a comprehensive approach to creating, growing, and enhancing relationships.

Customer Success, Services, and Support
Training and Coaching

It is a new world for business. The realities of always-on Internet, social media, and technology-savvy customers has changed the game. Without clarity, awareness, and a focus on the real interactions with customers and prospects, businesses are likely to find themselves exposed on Facebook and embarrassed by those they want to serve. Instead, learn how the 21st century provides a unique opportunity to create competitive advantage by treating customers in the right way at the right time, and use your staff in the right ways.

Technology Messaging, Evangelism, Training

The pace of technological innovation is compounding, making it ever more difficult to communicate value and make an impact with ever more distracted prospective buyers. Cutting through the cacophony and finding the concerns and values that resonate is essential, but often extremely difficult. Let those who have been buyers and sellers, speakers and writers bring their skills to bear for you in understanding what matters most, creating and delivering communications that connect, and developing training that packs an evangelistic punch.

CIO, CISO, CTO On-Demand

Many organizations have occasion to dig deeply into their technology, their information security, and even their approach to the development of technology products, yet do not have the long-term need or desire for senior executive leadership for that part of their organization. If you want world-class leadership for specific projects or organizational transitions, using an on-demand service to augment your team as a Chief Information Officer, a Chief Information Security Officer, or a Chief Technology Officer may provide you the best path to success.

Personal Development and Leadership Coaching

Using specialized, objective assessments, uncover your habits of thinking that hold you back from the success you seek. Learn the risks those habits create for you and ways to overcome them to make the choices that matter most to you.