Steps to Your Dreams (part 2)

This e-mail has been a long time coming. I've sat at my desk more than once to write it, written a good chunk, and then erased it in the computer equivalent of wadding up the paper and tossing it into the trash. This afternoon, it's beautiful here in Colorado. The springtime air is full of the fragrance of new blossoms, and the mountains are covered with a new layer of snow. With that natural power all around me, I've sat down to write, again.

This step is soooo important, but it's likely to challenge some very deep beliefs that you hold near and dear. Stick with me, though.

Have you ever watched a kid learn to walk? I remember when Rachel was first learning to walk. She would grab on to a table or a chair, stand up... and then wobble and fall down on her diaper-padded behind. Then she would look at you, laugh and do it all over again.

She never doubted that she'll learn how to walk, of course. Neither did we. No one would ever tell her that it was impossible, either, even though she failed day after day. Her legs got stronger, though. Her balance got better. Her coordination improved. And then one day, like magic, she walked.

But nobody did it for her. In fact, nobody could. If we had tried, she NEVER would have learned to walk.

And that's the secret to the second step to your dreams.

If you are waiting for someone to help YOU take that step towards your dream, it's time to learn this secret. Here it is:

No one is coming to rescue you.

That may seem obvious, but if you look at how you're moving towards your dreams (or how you're not moving!), you may find that you're hoping for a rescue. Lotteries grow rich from those who want to be rescued. So do con men. You get it, I'm sure.

From now on, when you look at your dreams, realize that it's up to you. No one is coming to rescue you. You can even say it to yourself this way, as Famous Amos made famous: "If it's to be, it's up to me."

It doesn't matter how you say it, but it does matter that you live it. It's up to you.

Let's go!

Stephen Hultquist

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