Back to the Warehouse

So, I ran off to Tampa for a couple of days to attend a meeting that had been planned before we knew that we would be doing NY. I grabbed an early-morning flight back, and got back here about lunch time Sunday. There were more of the usual suspects here, of course, since most of the team arrived while I was away. It's great to have chelliott back, and the core team reached critical mass.

Of course, as usual, the warehouse T1 is struggling under the load of so many downloads. Although we remain unsure exactly what's being downloaded (ha!), the strain has led to some interesting solutions. At the Spring Hot Stage, you may remember that Jim used RDC to dig into a PC at his house in order to download using his bandwidth (considerably better than the warehouse). Yesterday, taking a hint, chelliott headed over to Jim's house to download Cisco Clean Access and other related stuff. He started in the driveway, but by the time he finished he had helped himself into the house and met Greg coming home while sitting in the living room.

Ah, the Interop NOC team... :D

Come tomorrow, we'll have the vendor engineers here, and we're actually ready for them!

Quote of the day: "This stuff is still way harder than you think it should be." (Karen regarding 802.1X, et. al. that they are working on for the Cisco NAC demo.