How Things Appear from Nowhere

Dear Friend,

I am flying home, now, 40,000 feet over New York state on our four-hour flight from Boston to Denver. We have had an incredible week together as a family, created memories that will last a lifetime, and touched history, too. I thought you'd appreciate hearing about a couple of our favorites...

The first one I think about was last Tuesday, a few days after we arrived on Cape Cod. We had gotten our bearings, enjoyed the cottage kindly offered by a friend, and had headed out to the beach that Barry told me his kids enjoyed the most. He mentioned that the beach had a great sandbar that they especially enjoyed during low tide.

We wandered to the north shore of the mid-Cape and found a virtually deserted beach. A few lonely rocks stuck above the water. We settled in near the dunes and the kids ran to the water. They waded out to the rocks and climbed on them. They ran around splashing. We wandered as the waves lapped the shore...

Then we saw a sand bar and decided to walk to it. Over the next couple of hours, the tide receded and the sand bars appeared. Soon, those big rocks were resting on dry sand instead of waist-deep water. The disappearing water revealed a surprising landscape and ecosystem. It was a delight.

Later in the week, we visited Boston for a day. Those who have been there know that you can only ever-so-slightly scratch the surface of Boston on a one-day visit, but we couldn't come across the country and miss it. So, we walked much of the Freedom Trail with a colonial guide, had lunch at Durgan's ("Established Before You Were Born" -- I had great baked schrod), and then decided to walk on to the end of the Freedom Trail to see the USS Constitution.

My 5-year-old son Gabe loves ships!

It was a hot day, and if I had it to do again we would have grabbed a cab. We didn't, though, and hiked across the bridge. As we rounded the corner, the Constitution's masts were visible, but Gabe didn't know what they were. I told him, though. Suddenly, those "pointy things" (as he called them) had meaning. The ship was near!

Just like those rocks and that sand, the ship appeared when it hadn't really been visible before.

Has anything like that ever happened to you before? You buy a new car, and suddenly you realize how many others like yours there are on the road. You would like to visit someplace, and suddenly you meet people who have been there or are going there. Somehow you get attuned to it.

And that's exactly what happens.

I'll show you how to use this for your advantage in an upcoming newsletter. Until then, watch for it in your own life.

Let's go!

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