How To Accomplish Whatever You Want

It's just like living in a dream. For months I have been dreaming of speaking in front of my coach Matthew Furey's Zero Resistance Internet Marketing and Sales seminar. I mentioned the seminar to you some time ago, and am delighted to see so many of you here. As pleased as I am to be seeing so many here, speaking before this great group of people has been the heart of my planning for this event.

When I first started planning to be at this event, the idea of speaking seemed beyond possibility. There was no way, I thought! Matthew had plans for famous speakers like Archie Manning and Dan Gable.

And yet, the dream persisted.

So, I began to see it. It became a compelling dream. I could see myself speaking.

In fact, I realized that what I had to offer was compelling. There was a strong reason for me to communicate with those who were called to attend. This was a dream worth having.

I found myself thinking about it. Planning for how I could do everything possible to make it attractive to Matthew. I began speaking with Matthew about it. I kept seeing myself giving what I have to offer to those at the seminar.

I planned the talk. I created a timed outline. I sent it to Matthew, and he began speaking with me about how it might work.

Today, I spoke. I told part of my story that you may have read on my site. I'm going to change that to make it even clearer, but the story resonated with so many here.

The point, though, is that it is a dream come true.

There are steps to dreams coming true. See it clearly. Look at the path from the end. Plan the twists and turn. Respond to changes.

But never, ever, ever give up.

What's your dream?

Let's go!

PS Many of those here at Matthew's conference have wanted copies of Open Your Heart with Skiing signed by me. Remember that you can get your own autographed copy here: