Getting Over Your Fear and Doubt

Hey! Yesterday I had one-on-one calls with two of my Mastermind members. They are engaged in their lives and focused on moving forward in ways that many people never even realize are available to them.

It's my role to help them see what's possible, far beyond what they can see on their own.

When I wrote the book, that was my focus, too. To use a set of word pictures for describing the basics of life and how life can work for you. I drew on my experience as a skier, teacher, and coach to give you a clearer picture of how it all fits together.

Judging by the response, it's working. Here is an email that I received from Mike in Canada:


I purchased the book, read it - now I have had a chance to live it and re-read it in context. I have skied here at Whistler/Blackcomb for 75 day consecutively after a 20 year break and have another 35 days to go before I head home.

I'm just starting to experience the longer runs on a more consistent basis, having overcome all the little anxieties etc re: heights although I like steeps..something about being on the ground....

Up the mountain is certainly better than halfway up and when you get above the tree line you have this vista so I understand what you have been enjoying all these years.

I've heard some delightful stories about elder persons, from the 89 y guy who skis each day to the 84 y widow who took up skiing at that age, and is now skiing in Europe with a younger ski instructor (60ish) and on some private fantasy to ski in each skiable country before she shuffles hats off to the elders folks whatever they choose to do. A little closer to home I was working on the World Cup races when an elder gentleman skied on over. He was doing a mountain tour thanking various folks who assisted him when he had a heart attack. He was lucky when he fell on the run there was a cardiologist skiing behind him - 100,000/1 event - so the day he spoke with me he was skiing around thanking folks...funny thing though at 82 you think he would slow down but he was home from intensive care only 4 days earlier after being fitted with a pace maker and still had stitches to boot, but his love of the mountain and the people got him out of at 55 I feel really young in comparison.

So it appears that 550 hours + does effect the performance of boots, even Dale Boots and but at the least I can now feel what I'm supposed to feel re: the relationship between boots/skis and balance...and that has been a breakthrough for is really fantastic to feel 'response' and skiing through the trees did highlight that...all very gratifying. I thought for a period I was simply not going to get it! But have ended up with a real education and have been educated real well - volumes more to discover yet.

One other change I have made is when tired I now have found a few fallen logs and nooks-and-crannies on the mountains that I wonder off to and sit quietly on, along with my hydration pack, sandwiches, feeding the birds and book(s) in lieu of heading for home, spa etc and that has been a meditation. I have a great deal to be thankful for. This placed and especially being on the mountains is a delight.

I take two books with me each day - the mountain guide and your book - I enjoy steeps and tree runs and then find a quiet and favourite place and read the chapter(s) on what I have been doing - I have a think for while, but mainly a rest and at 55 though in good form I do get tired but always smiling, then ski off with an additional insight(s) for more fun. I have Weems eBook 'Brilliant Skiing' which I have converted into a wav file for my IPod and so I have the benefit of years of experience, summarised, even if the voice is somewhat mechanical/robotic - technology sure is versatile.

So I just wanted to say 'thanks' in a roundabout way.


Mike Salewicz

ssh: Mike, thank YOU! You stepped back and took on your own life at a higher level and as a result, you'll never be the same. Keep moving forward, exploring, and finding new ways to build your life in the way that YOU choose.

And you, my friend, can do the same...

Let's go! ssh

PS You know people who need a breakthrough, especially with all the fear and doubt in the air. The book can help them see in new ways... Check out the details here: