What Have You Done for Me... Lately?

This is a tough one... As I sat in my family room this morning, dwelling on the beauty of spring in Colorado, breathing in the delicious morning air, I couldn't escape the thought that has been pressing on me for two weeks or more: What have you done for me... lately?

Perhaps you've heard this said by a colleague bitter at the turn of event at work. They've worked hard and delivered some great value for the company in the past, but that doesn't seem to matter. Now it's all about, "What have you done for me... lately?"

Perhaps you've even felt this way. I know that I have.

Let's turn it around for a minute to see whether or not it makes sense...

Imagine that you have a problem with an appliance -- say your washing machine. A helpful repairman comes to your home and does an excellent job fixing it. You are grateful, and pay him whatever the fee was. All went well.

However, six months later, he shows up on your doorstep. "Remember when I fixed your washing machine?" he asks. "I've run into a bit of a lull and need some more to make my bills. So, would you please pay me?" Are you eager to pay him more? Do you feel like you owe him more?

Of course not! He hasn't done anything for you... lately.

It's no different when the roles are reversed.

The key is to understand your Master Equation, and to make sure that you're adding value to your side of that equation every day. As Carl Hubbell said, " A fellow doesn't last long on what he has done. He's got to keep on delivering as he goes along."

What are you delivering today that is of outstanding value?

To YOUR success, ssh

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