Sometimes Just Change

Dear Friend,

Today I was thinking about change. When I first thought about offering my coaching program, I thought about my work as a leader and with leadership. I thought about the ways that I have been able to help people as a leader, and that I could guide other leaders to improve their leadership. That was my focus.

But, it wasn't really right

I realized a couple nights ago as I lay still and thought about it that my passion is to see people become all that they can be. To learn how to be everything that they can and want to be. To develop themselves to whatever extent brings them joy and peace. And I thought about what my coach, Matthew Furey, had said to me. I realized that I want to help people master their lives.

And so, Mastering Life NOW! was born (see

Mastering Life NOW! is a 12-step process for becoming who you really are. For overcoming the obstacles in life. For seeing yourself clearly. For knowing your life fully. For breaking out of the bondage that can drag you down and finding freedom in just being you.

In the process, you will be amazed at the consequences of this new thinking.

I've made some changes. What about you? Are you ready and willing to make some changes to see all that you can be?

Come along and explore yourself with the 12 steps of Mastering Life NOW!

Let's go!


PS You will never know all you can be until you focus on seeing it. Go to and begin.