Cheating Matters

Dear Friend,

Every since the announcement that football's New England Patriots were caught cheating last week, the various pundits have been tripping over themselves to talk about whether or not everyone cheats, whether or not cheating is to be expected, and what really is cheating, anyway. With the drug scandals, doping, stealing, and cloak-and-dagger in sports, it seems that winning really is everything.

Or is it?

The fact that football's current golden child franchise was caught cheating has clearly struck a chord. Those who argue that everyone cheats so it's OK have found themselves with an uphill battle. We all want to know whether or not competitions are fair. Many of them aren't.

Fortunately and ultimately, life and earning are. While they may not be easy and everyone is faced with challenges, ultimately the value that you bring to life and to others will determine what life offers back to you.

What will you offer today?

Let's go!


PS It is interesting how much sports reflect all of life. That's one of the messages in "Open Your Heart with Skiing."