All of Life is...

This morning, I had a telephone call with one of my life coaches. As we talked, I shared with her some of the areas that I'd like to improve. We talked about my list of projects, including the articles I have to finish for the magazines, the tests I need to complete, a podcast I need to edit, the client projects I'm working on, and most importantly that new product I'm creating for YOU.

We talked about what it will take to get those things done. Just talking about it helped me, and she also gave me some very specific advice on delegation, scheduling, and how I think about the projects. Some of it was challenging. Some of it I may not do. But, it was all good.

Later, I was speaking with one of my clients. We were talking about some business challenges, including clients who were struggling to pay. As we talked, I shared with him a philosophy that has served me well, but that is a challenge for some people to grasp. Boiled down, it is this: All of life is a value exchange.

While this is a profound topic, it's worthy of study. And, whether you like it or not, it's 100% true. Everything that you (or anyone else) does in life is the result of a decision of value. You decide that a product is worth what you pay for it, so you pay. You decide that what you can charge for your product or service is worth your effort to produce it, so you sell it.

Even if you're an employee, you decide every day just how much energy, focus, loyalty, and time you're willing to exchange for a paycheck, benefits, and whatever promises you have from your employer.

Even intangible exchanges are value exchanges.

This is important for you so that you can see the "why" behind your decisions. You can also get more clear on what your decisions should be. When you see clearly the reasons for your choices, they are easier to make more confidently.

Are YOU ready to move forward with confidence?

Let's go!

Stephen Sven Hultquist

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