An Apple Fanboy?

Last week, someone suggested on my Facebook page that my middle name should be "Mac" since everyone just expects that I'll have the new Apple products as they come out. I've been thinking about that a lot, and checking in on myself to see whether I have simply become an "Apple fanboy." I don't think so.

About a year ago I wrote about an experience on an airplane talking about my MacBook Pro (MBP) and my thoughts about the almost religious fervor surrounding much of technology. As the iPad emerged, that fervor has been renewed, it seems, and Apple is reaping the financial benefit of a constituency fed up with the technology status quo.

What does that mean for what I write?

Well, right now, I think that Apple products in general represent the most effective human-centric products available today. As a result, other technology companies are making efforts to improve their products to better address the needs of typical people instead of for the technically-astute minority. In fact, systems and applications have become so complex that many of the technorati are having difficulty keeping up and working with them.

I saw the sea change begin a few years ago when I began to notice that many of those I know in the technology industry were moving from IBM Thinkpads to Apple MacBook Pros. Many of them were not using Microsoft Windows on their Thinkpad computers, either, but were running some form of Linux or Unix. When the shift occurred, they all began to work less on their computers, and more simply using them as tools. That was a big shift in productivity!

Ultimately, that's my focus: your productivity. When I recommend products, it's because I think they will make you more effective. Remember what Peter Drucker taught: Efficiency is doing things right... Effectiveness is doing the right things efficiently. Be effective!

So no, I'm not an Apple fanboy. I am instead committed to what works best for you. You'll read about those products here as I review more... Coming up soon...